Laboratory Information Management System

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Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS)

Unleash the full performance potential of your organization: DORNER accelerates your routine work from order placement and reporting to billing and sample management. The flexibility of the system gives you a solution that meets your needs.

Forensics, forensic medicine, forensic medicine

DORNER Forensics manages your workflows in forensics and forensic medicine centrally in one solution. From case receipt and laboratory analyses to documentation, task management, scheduling, correspondence, archiving and billing.


DORNER Genetics LIMS is used in various fields of clinical genetics: Human genetics, pathogenetics, oncology, fertility centers, prenatal diagnostics, molecular genetics, cytogenetics, etc. The system covers the special requirements in genetics, including the latest methods such as NGS (WGS, WES) and long-read sequencing.

Special laboratories

In the healthcare sector in particular, there are a number of highly specialized laboratories for very specific examinations. Their requirements call for independent solutions. Our portfolio includes transfusion medicine, immunohematology, stem cell laboratories, flow cytometry and leukemia laboratories, among others.


An innovative solution for the entire hygiene laboratory. Fast and effective entry of orders, also from senders such as pharmacy or hygiene, intuitive measuring point management and a comprehensive set of examinations (smears, sedimentation analyses, water, endoscopes, etc.).

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