IT security through security audits

The digital world is evolving rapidly, and with it the challenges of IT security are growing. In this era where technological advancements and cybercriminal activity go hand in hand, it is critical that companies and institutions put their digital solutions through their paces to close loopholes that could be exploited by malicious hackers.

White hat hacking for the security of the future

"White hat hackers are experts who specialize in uncovering vulnerabilities in digital solutions that could be exploited by malicious attackers. With a focus on security testing of solutions in the medical context, where people's lives can be at stake, Greenhats demonstrates its commitment to a safer digital world.

What sets Greenhats apart is their approach to security testing. They go beyond the traditional methods of using automated scanners to check software for vulnerabilities. Instead, they rely on "stress tests" with at least a dozen different scanners, which are normally used once. But the real difference is that after these automated tests, a certified white-hat hacker analyzes the results and attempts to gain access to the system. This hybrid approach provides a more comprehensive view of a system's security.

DORNER and Greenhats: Together for ultimate safety

In this sophisticated IT security landscape, we go one step further. We have made it our goal to regularly test systems based on automated checks. Greenhats makes a point of reviewing application code line by line to identify and fix vulnerabilities.

In return, they get absolute full access to our applications, which allows them to analyze the code themselves and uncover vulnerabilities. When vulnerabilities are discovered, both companies work together to find solutions. Close collaboration during the audit results in fast and effective updates and security patches that can be applied immediately at the customer's site.

One of the outstanding features of this partnership is Greenhats' 365-day access to our current master state. This enables continuous monitoring and adaptation of security measures to respond to new threats.

Certificate for the passed audit

Security audit certification

Conclusion: A synergy for the highest safety standards

At a time when digital solutions are indispensable and at the same time offer an increased attack surface, DORNER and Greenhats are setting standards for ultimate security. The combination of automated checks, detailed code analysis and close collaboration between experts creates a security strategy that not only meets today's requirements, but is also ready for the challenges of the future. The partnership between the two companies is a prime example of how we can work together to make the digital world more secure and thus increase people's trust in technology.

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