Haemobank HL7 interface

Growing interest in bidirectional HL7 interface to HaemoBank refrigerators from Haemonetics

Medical technology is on the cusp of a revolutionary development that will fundamentally change the way blood transfusions are performed in clinics and laboratories. At the center of this development is a groundbreaking collaboration: DORNER Health IT Solutions, a pioneer in digital healthcare communication, has teamed up with Haemonetics, a global leader in blood bank refrigerators, to develop an innovative bi-directional interface. This development is not only a technological breakthrough, but also a significant step towards more efficient and safer healthcare.

The future of blood bank technology

The milestone: DORNER's bidirectional interface

The announcement of the bidirectional interface between the Haemonetics blood bank refrigerators and the digital infrastructure is a milestone in medical technology. This interface, developed by DORNER Health IT Solutions, is the result of decades of experience and expertise in digital communication and interaction with medical devices. It represents a decisive advance in the safe and efficient handling of blood products in medical facilities.

The Lucerne Cantonal Hospital: A pioneer in the application

The Lucerne Cantonal Hospital was the first hospital in Switzerland to seize the opportunity to make use of this technology. By purchasing a HeamoBank 20 blood bank refrigerator and licensing the bidirectional interface from DORNER, the cantonal hospital is setting new standards in medical care and patient safety. This step not only demonstrates confidence in the innovative technology, but also a willingness to invest in forward-looking medical solutions.

Growing interest in the bidirectional interface from DORNER

The commitment of the Lucerne Cantonal Hospital marks the beginning of a significant development in medical technology. The growing interest in the bidirectional interface developed by DORNER is already evident in numerous clinics and medical facilities. Many of our customers who are planning to purchase several HaemoBank refrigerators from Haemonetics have already expressed great interest in this interface. The interface is currently focused on enabling efficient and direct communication between the blood bank refrigerators and our OneLIS [B/Lab]. At the same time, we are not ruling out further development in the direction of LIS-independent middleware in the future. Such a development could revolutionize the way medical facilities handle blood products and set new standards in medical practice.

DORNER's expertise: decades of experience meets innovation

DORNER Health IT Solutions not only brings a revolutionary technology to the market, but also the experience and know-how gained from decades of work in digital communication in the healthcare sector. Our expertise in the development of device interfaces and communication with existing systems in clinics has already enabled us to design and implement such advanced solutions several times in the past. This combination of experience and innovative strength makes DORNER Health IT Solutions a leading player in this field.

The global perspective: Haemonetics' role and reach

Haemonetics - A global player in the field of blood bank technology

Haemonetics is known worldwide for its high-quality blood bank refrigerators, which are used in over 500 clinics worldwide. In Central Europe, a market that is still in its development phase, this cooperation with DORNER offers enormous opportunities for growth and expansion. Haemonetics' robust, reliable technology, combined with DORNER's innovative interface, positions both companies as leaders in an increasingly competitive market.

Nejat Çatalbaş from Haemonetics on the importance of collaboration

Nejat Çatalbaş, Business Development Manager at Haemonetics, emphasizes the need for a permanent and reliable solution:

"We need more than just a temporary fix; we need a permanent solution. While other vendors expect development times of over 18 months, DORNER has proven to be an extremely cooperative and efficient team player. Their interface can be deployed in a timely manner, which is invaluable for our customers who don't want to wait long to use our HaemoBank."

Events and networking

Invitation to collaboration and innovation

In a world where technological advances are constantly setting new standards, the collaboration between DORNER Health IT Solutions and Haemonetics is a shining example of how innovation and collaboration can improve the practice of medicine. We invite you to be part of this exciting journey. For more information and a personal consultation, please fill out our contact form - we look forward to getting in touch with you.

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