Clinical Virology Network (CVN) interface - send data automatically in the background


In a world where technological advances and medical precision go hand in hand, it is crucial that laboratories have access to the best possible tools. As a Gold Partner in the Clinical Virology Network (CVN), we are pleased to introduce an industry-leading innovation: Our unique and fully integrated interface to the CVN. As the only software manufacturer to offer this advanced solution, we are setting new standards in laboratory automation.

Autonomous interface to the CVN: Manages itself while you concentrate on the essentials

Our interface operates discreetly and efficiently in the background, allowing you to concentrate fully on your core work processes. Once set up, it works autonomously and reliably without the need for regular intervention or attention from your laboratory team. It offers the perfect balance of advanced technology and ease of use, managing complex tasks autonomously while ensuring seamless integration into your existing laboratory workflows.


Safety and innovation in one: the advantages of our specialized laboratory interface

In addition to its autonomous functionality, our interface offers you all the advantages of specialized software. We offer comprehensive maintenance and careful care, continuous development and flexible adaptation to your specific needs. It also ensures security, which is crucial in today's digital era. With this interface, you not only secure a powerful technological solution, but also the confidence and assurance that your laboratory is operating at the cutting edge of technology and security standards.

Intelligent task management: proactive error management of the interface

However, should unexpected challenges arise, our integrated task management offers a seamless solution. Errors are not only efficiently identified and displayed in a user-friendly error monitor, but can also be processed and monitored directly.

Error monitoring and reporting: Seamless integration into your e-mail system

In addition, the option to receive summaries of error sources by e-mail enables relaxed monitoring of all processes. Discover how our CVN interface can transform your laboratory - for a future characterized by efficiency, precision and safety.

Added value for participating laboratories

Data as a foundation for research: the benefits of the CVN in teaching and science

The Clinical Virology Network (CVN) offers significant added value to participating laboratories by enabling them to use collected data for both research and educational purposes. In contrast to traditional data sources, which are usually limited to publishing absolute numbers of reportable pathogens, the CVN enables a broader analysis. Laboratories can use this data to determine positive rates and stratify them in detail according to criteria such as age and gender. These expanded analytical capabilities provide new perspectives for understanding disease trends and are an invaluable resource for the creation of abstracts, posters and other educational materials. Participation in the CVN thus strengthens scientific research and teaching and enriches the role of laboratories as active shapers in the field of virology research.

Focus on data protection: secure and customizable data transmission in the Clinical Virology Network

Automated and anonymized data transmission

Data privacy is a key concern in today's digital landscape, especially in the healthcare sector. To address this, all test data sent to the Clinical Virology Network (CVN) is automatically anonymized. This process ensures that patient privacy is maintained while allowing valuable data to be used for research purposes. Data is transmitted daily via email, although other time intervals, such as weekly transmissions, are also possible to meet the requirements of different laboratories.

Flexible transmission options and data protection details

Our interface to the Clinical Virology Network offers extensive customization options to ensure that patient privacy is maintained at all times. We understand the importance of data protection and allow our customers to customize the format and scope of data transmitted. This gives you the flexibility to decide exactly what data should be transferred to meet the needs of your laboratory while protecting the privacy of your patients. With this flexible approach, you can be sure that your reports are both compliant with data protection guidelines and customized to your specific needs.

Data protection and support with adjustments

We recommend involving the laboratory's data protection officer in the process and utilizing their expertise. Our team actively supports the communication between your data protection officers and the CVN. If adjustments to the interface are required to meet your laboratory's individual data protection policy, we are ready to implement these changes efficiently and accurately. This proactive approach ensures that the interface is not only powerful, but also fully compliant with your latest data protection standards.


What is the Clinical Virology Network (CVN)?

The Clinical Virology Network (CVN), originally founded in 2009 as the RespVir network, serves to inform doctors and scientists about the epidemic spread of infectious diseases. Initially specializing in respiratory infections, the network was expanded in 2014 to include surveillance of bacteriological pathogens and integrated a dedicated gastroenteritis network in 2016. As a recognized tool, the CVN supports the surveillance systems of the national health authorities in Germany by providing publicly accessible and up-to-date data. This transparency not only promotes scientific exchange, but also collaboration between experts in clinical virology, making it an indispensable resource in the fight against infectious diseases.

Dashboard for respiratory viruses and bacteria

The Respiratory Virus and Bacteria Dashboard provides an indispensable resource for healthcare professionals, researchers and the public to obtain up-to-date and accurate information on the spread of respiratory diseases. By providing real-time data on infection rates, seasonal patterns and geographic spread, this dashboard enables rapid response to outbreaks and supports public health preparedness. Visualizing data on respiratory viruses and bacteria is instrumental in improving prevention strategies and evaluating the effectiveness of vaccination campaigns and other public health measures, ultimately helping to prevent the spread of disease and protect public health.

Dashboard for viruses and bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract

The specialized gastrointestinal viral and bacterial dashboard is a critical tool for healthcare providers and epidemiologists working with gastrointestinal infections. It provides valuable insights into the patterns and trends of gastrointestinal illnesses, improving the diagnosis, monitoring and treatment of these often highly debilitating conditions. By providing detailed data on the prevalence and severity of gastroenterologic pathogens, this dashboard supports accurate and evidence-based decision making in clinical practice and public health policy. It promotes a deeper understanding of the epidemiology of gastrointestinal viruses and bacteria and helps to develop effective prevention and control strategies that contribute to reducing outbreaks and improving patient care.

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