ARS - Antibiotic Resistance Surveillance - Interface

According to the latest decision of the Federal Joint Committee (G-BA), all treatment facilities that use reserve antibiotics in accordance with §35a SGB V must be connected to the ARS infrastructure by 01.01.2024 at the latest. The LIS-independent ARS interface from DORNER already enables seamless transmission of data on antibiotic resistance to the surveillance network, making a decisive contribution to comprehensive surveillance and fulfilling the legal requirements!

ASR interface

Ready for the future of antibiotic resistance monitoring.

We are in close contact with the surveillance network and expect the detailed interface description soon. Our expert teams are ready to implement adjustments in a timely manner and we expect that experience shows that an efficient implementation will be possible in a timely manner. This upcoming update will allow us to continue to guarantee you an optimal and smooth integration into the ARS.

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Our role in the change

As a healthcare software developer, we have made a significant contribution to improving the ARS initiative. We provide automated interfaces that allow participating laboratories to seamlessly and efficiently transfer the collected data to the surveillance network. This not only means significant time savings, but also more accurate and faster data collection.

A pioneering initiative: ARS

In a world where antibiotic resistance has become a global threat to public health, we face the challenge of developing innovative solutions to effectively address this crisis. In Germany, we have taken a significant step to address this threat by introducing ARS - Antibiotic Resistance Surveillance.

This pioneering infrastructure enables comprehensive monitoring of antibiotic resistance, covering both inpatient care and the outpatient sector. The aim? To provide reliable data on the epidemiology of antibiotic resistance in Germany and to gain differentiated insights according to healthcare structures and regions. For pathogens that are resistant to all conventional antibiotic types, only a so-called reserve antibiotic can be administered. These may only be used in exceptional cases.

Why is ARS so important?

The introduction of ARS surveillance is a decisive step in the fight against antibiotic resistance. By continuously collecting and analyzing resistance data, we can target the spread of resistant bacteria. This leads to better patient care as doctors can prescribe the most effective antibiotics to treat infections effectively. In addition, ARS helps to prevent outbreaks and ensure safety and compliance in the healthcare system.

Shaping the future together

We invite you to join our movement to combat antibiotic resistance. With ARS and our innovative software solution, we can protect the health of our population and preserve the effectiveness of antibiotics. Learn more about how our ARS interface can support your laboratory or healthcare facility and be part of the change. Together we can shape the future and successfully combat antibiotic resistance.

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ARS interface is part of [i/med] Communication

The ARS interface is an integral part of [i/med] Communication, the communication system used at DORNER Health IT Solutions to map our communication requirements. With [i/med] Communication, we can handle a variety of tasks that are crucial for the smooth running of the healthcare system. This includes setting up networked systems, linking laboratory equipment, efficient handling of order and findings interfaces as well as supporting and further developing the numerous interfaces of our laboratory systems.

What is Antibiotic Resistance Surveillance (ARS)?

ARS is a laboratory-based monitoring system that continuously collects routine resistance data for the entire spectrum of clinically relevant bacterial pathogens. The key players and data providers in this pioneering project are laboratories that carry out microbiological tests on samples from medical facilities and doctors' surgeries. This makes it possible to access a broad and well-founded database in order to effectively combat antibiotic resistance.

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