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Welcome to [i/med] Billing - your solution for efficient and accurate medical billing. Optimize your billing process, minimize errors and increase transparency with our leading software solution. Whether you work in a private practice laboratory, a medical care center or a university hospital - our software offers you all the functions you need to simplify your billing processes and ensure comprehensive accounting. Learn how our innovative solution can help you save time, reduce costs, and manage your billing with ease.

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Advantages of [i/med] Billing at a glance

Our medical billing software [i/med] Billing offers you extensive advantages to make your billing processes more efficient and transparent.

Increased efficiency and error reduction

  • Automatic detection and correction of errors in billing data.
  • Automated generation of tariff items and warning messages.
  • Constant updating of medical regulations and fee schedules to ensure compliance.

Flexibility and adaptability

  • Support for various billing types and individual catalogs.
  • Flexible invoice design and support for multiple digital invoice formats.
  • Cross-location use and adaptability for different organizational structures.

User friendliness

  • Flexible and customizable user interface.
  • Intuitive navigation and individual search criteria to optimize work processes.

Efficient payment management

  • Automatic reconciliation of incoming payments and initiation of dunning runs.

Functions of [i/med] Billing: Your advantages of efficient billing processes

1. accurate collection and validation of billing data

[i/med] Billing automatically detects errors in the billing data and alerts you to them. For example, you will be alerted to inconsistent data, missing information or possible billing errors.

  • Easy entry of billing data with optional OCR module or transfer of data from [i/med] Order Entry.
  • Extensive automatic generation of tariff items from laboratory findings using individual rules.
  • With automatic plausibility checks and warning messages (clear traffic light system), you avoid errors and ensure a smooth billing process even with large amounts of data. Our integrated correction functions allow you to efficiently correct errors and ensure a smooth billing process.
  • Automated documentation of all changes in the background for complete traceability.

2. updated regulations and fee schedules

[i/med] Billing keeps you up to date by integrating regularly updated medical codes and fee schedules.

  • In this way, we ensure that your accounts always comply with the current specifications and potential errors are avoided.
  • Support of various catalogs such as GOÄ, EBM, DKG-NT, UV-GOÄ, EAL, TARMED and individual catalogs for comprehensive billing options.
  • Integration of coding systems such as ICD, OPS and OMIM codes.

3. flexible and standard-compliant invoice generation

  • Individual billing channels for customized billing.
  • Support of all common billing types: private and collective billing, IGeL, ASV, HzV and many individual requirements.
  • Free invoice design with integrated report generator.
  • Generation of digital invoice formats such as ZUGFeRD, XRechnung, PVS/PAD. Seamless integration of FiBu interfaces (CSV, DATEV, SAP, SAGE, etc.) for an efficient billing process and -invoice-free accounting.
  • KBV-certified German health insurance billing including 1-click billing, organized early cancer detection, connection to TI connector including patient registration with eGK.
  • Electronic billing in Switzerland (TARMED, curaBILL, MediData network) and Austria (DVP, VDAS interface).
  • The simple program logic ensures that even very complex accounting structures are mapped without any problems.
  • Comprehensive rights and user concept enables department- or user-specific insight into sensitive financial data.
  • The software is mass data capable, multi-client capable and can be used across locations, ideal for laboratory networks, practice groups or MVZs.
  • Central KV billing is also possible for individual sites to ensure efficient management.

4. work facilitation through a flexible user interface (UI).

Our software offers you a user-friendly and flexible UI that makes your work much easier.

  • The ability to split the UI across multiple screens lets you make the most of your workspace while keeping multiple pieces of information in view at the same time.
  • The intuitive navigation and individual search criteria allow you to find all the information you need quickly and easily. This saves you time and increases the efficiency of your work.

With this added power of our software, we ensure that you not only benefit from the functional advantages of medical billing software, but also have a user-friendly and adaptable work environment that facilitates your daily tasks.

5. efficient payment management

Our software offers comprehensive payment management features to further streamline your billing process and facilitate the receipt of payments.

With the integrated invoice management and the optional, incoming payments are automatically reconciled and dunning runs are initiated accordingly.

KBV certified

DORNER KV-Arechnung meets the highest standards and has received the coveted certification of the Kassenärztliche Bundesvereinigung (KBV). This award guarantees that our software is KV-certified for all outpatient record types and thus comprehensively covers health insurance billing for specialists, hospitals and laboratory groups. You can rest assured that our software is always up to date, as it automatically updates all catalogs in accordance with the quarterly updates of the associations of panel doctors. With KBV certification, we offer you a reliable and efficient solution that meets the strict requirements of the German healthcare system.

Our approval number: Y/1/2207/36/409


[i/med] Billing enables end-to-end digital medical billing and complies with EU Directive 2014/55/EU on electronic invoicing. With full integration of the ZUGFeRD standard(version 2.1), we offer automatic processing of invoice data, time savings, improved data quality and maximum security through signature and encryption. By using our [i/med] Billing, you also benefit from the advantages of ZUGFeRD: automation, data quality, legal compliance, interoperability, data security, traceability and cost savings.

ZUGFeRD communication channels infographic

ZUGFeRD communication channels infographic

Successfully in use many times

Installation and done? - The requirements for our IT solutions do not usually end with successful installation. Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Kern gives a first-hand account of what working with us looks like in concrete terms, using the example of our medical billing software [i/med] Billing, which is updated on a quarterly basis. A MUST for KBV certification and ultimately for health insurance billing.

More than 100,000 examinations per year billed with our DORNER Billing.


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