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Discover the advantages of digital billing with our ZUGFeRD-compatible medical billing software [i/med] Billing

Our solution has been specifically designed to enable end-to-end digital medical billing and meets the requirements of the EU e-Invoicing Directive 2014/55/EU by fully integrating the ZUGFeRD standard in version 2.1.

With our digital billing system, you can process invoice data automatically, save time and resources, and improve data quality. [i/med] Billing is easy to use and offers maximum security through the possibility of signature and encryption of invoice data.

Take advantage of the benefits of ZUGFeRD, such as automating processes, improving data quality, meeting legal requirements, interoperability, increased data security, traceability, and cost savings by avoiding paper and shipping costs.

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Advantages ZUGFeRD

1. Automation: By using structured data in the invoice, invoice data can be processed automatically, saving time and resources.

2. Data quality: The use of standardized data fields and formats improves the quality of the transmitted data, resulting in fewer sources of error and faster processing times.

3. Legal requirements: ZUGFeRD meets the requirements of EU Directive 2014/55/EU on electronic invoicing in public administration.

4. Interoperability: ZUGFeRD enables the transfer of invoice data between different systems and applications, as it is based on open standards.

5. Security: ZUGFeRD enables the signature and encryption of invoice data, which increases the security and integrity of the transmitted data.

6. Traceability: By using metadata in PDF format containing invoice data, the invoice can be traced at any time.

7. Cost savings: By automating processes and avoiding manual input errors, the use of ZUGFeRD can help to reduce the costs of processing and billing invoices. Further cost savings can be achieved by avoiding paper costs and shipping costs, as electronic invoices can be sent by email.

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PDF/A-3 - Solid, technical basis

ZUGFeRD communication channels infographic

ZUGFeRD - Digital Invoicing via PDF and XML for Man and Machine

The technical basis of ZUGFeRD is the use of PDF/A-3 as the file format. PDF/A-3 is an extension of PDF/A that makes it possible to integrate other data formats such as XML within a PDF file. This XML data contains the structured invoice data such as invoice number, invoice date, VAT amount, etc. and is stored in the PDF file as "metadata" and can be read by special ZUGFeRD-capable applications. In this way, the invoice data can be processed automatically without the user having to read the PDF file manually.

What is ZUGFeRD?

ZUGFeRD is a common file format developed by the Central Commission for Electronic Invoice Interchange (ZKA) to simplify the exchange of electronic invoices in Germany. It is based on the ISO standard for invoice exchange, ISO/IEC 19845:2015. ZUGFeRD provides a structured format that contains invoice information such as customer number, invoice date, invoice amount, etc. ZUGFeRD can also contain metadata such as recipient address, invoice type or payment terms. With ZUGFeRD, invoices can be processed faster, more efficiently, and at lower cost because it eliminates the need for manual information entry.

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