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  The low-code web framework  

DORNER Workflow Engine - Low-code web framework for health IT

The DORNER Workflow Engine enables you to centrally integrate all processes. Individual work steps and complete workflows can be mapped without much programming effort (low-code). You have the option of adapting the system to new circumstances at any time.

Low-code web framework

With the DORNER Workflow Engine, complex work and communication processes can be conveniently mapped on the software side and individual processes can be directly interlinked. In this way, established systems can be easily supplemented with individual solutions and this across interfaces. In this way, new treatment methods can be quickly established in a dynamic environment, for example.

We currently have access to a pool of more than 600 modules and hundreds of ready-made workflow templates. This has resulted in solutions for entire disciplines such as forensic medicine, toxicology, stem cell lab, leukemia lab, human genetics, FACS lab, oncology, forensics, and others for over 10,000 active professional users.

Another advantage is that the customer always has the possibility to adapt the system to new conditions. DORNER offers training courses for the administration. This enables the customer to adapt the components of the DORNER Workflow Engine himself. However, many issues have already been implemented and can be delivered as standard modules.

Does your institution have complex work processes that you would like to depict centrally? With [i/med] you can extend your system with any modules and create a digital mirror of your internal processes - cross-departmental and browser-based.

Workflow Engine: What is it? - and what for?

"To be honest, people always underestimate the soft factors: I always think that's a shame, because that's the biggest showstopper in IT projects, that people don't want to play along, right?"

Fabian Ludwig, Clinic Manager at the University Hospital Basel

The web framework for workflow-based user software

DORNER Workflow Engine has been the technological basis for innovative DORNER solutions of today and tomorrow for many years.

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Almost all medical facilities already work with a variety of software solutions for the most diverse requirements.

Unfortunately, the individual institutes have hardly any influence on the IT infrastructure in the houses and are often presented with a fait accompli.

We can help!

Basic Tutorial

The DORNER Workflow Engine is a solution that we have recently started to offer explicitly. However, it has been the toolbox with which we have been creating solutions for decades.

Dr. Michael Busch is one of our most experienced product managers and project leaders and has kindly agreed to present our toolbox in a 7-part entertaining video series.

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