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Laboratory Information Systems in Laboratory Medicine

Software solutions for private practice medical laboratories and hospital laboratories represent DORNER's core expertise: For 40 years, we have been developing and optimizing our laboratory solutions (LIS) in close cooperation with laboratory professionals and hospital IT, from routine laboratories to microbiology and blood banks to special solutions for genetic diagnostics.

Clinical chemistry, routine laboratory, central laboratory

Discover the comprehensive LIS for medical laboratories. From order placement to reporting and billing, LIS supports all aspects of laboratory routine in various fields such as clinical chemistry, hematology, serology, hormone diagnostics and hemostasis. Learn more about the reliability and the wide range of possibilities.


Discover our popular LIS for microbiology, bacteriology, virology, parasitology, serology and hygiene. As one of the most widely used software solutions in these specialties, [M/Lab] offers comprehensive functionalities and advanced technologies. Learn more about its outstanding features and wide range of applications for efficient and accurate laboratory work.

Clinical genetics, human genetics

Discover the powerful DORNER Genetics LIS, which is used in various areas of clinical genetics. Whether human genetics, pathogenetics, oncology, fertility centers, prenatal diagnostics, molecular genetics or cytogenetics - the system meets the special requirements in genetics. Learn more about the versatile possibilities of the DORNER Genetics LIS for optimized genetic diagnostics and research.

Transfusion medicine, immunohematology, blood group serology

[B/Lab] covers the entire workflow from blood grouping to the management of a wide variety of blood components. In immunohematology, you can determine all the patients' blood group characteristics and perform antibody differentiation.

Special laboratory

Discover DORNER Specialty Lab LIS - a customized software solution for medical specialty labs. Learn more about the many features and benefits of DORNER Specialty Lab LIS and how it helps medical specialty labs work more efficiently and accurately. Learn how this customized solution can help you optimize your lab operations and improve the quality of your results.

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