DORNER findings portal for senders

Insight into processing status and retrieval of patient findings

DORNER findings portal

The DORNER findings portal is ideally suited for clinics and private practice laboratories as well as physicians, hygiene and laboratory specialists to securely view your patients' findings and documents.

Easy navigation through the data sets thanks to an extensive search function using various criteria. In a clearly arranged tree structure, the results are differentiated by department (e.g. as cumulative findings, antibiogram histories, blood reserves or pathology findings, etc.)

The report layout can be individually adapted and freely designed using a form generator. Authorized third-party systems can access the findings portal directly via hyperlink (URL call). In everyday work, the user usually does not notice any change between the systems.

The findings portal is operated via a standard browser such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Safari and can therefore be used from any location via PC and mobile devices. A set of rules with rights assignment in the background, in combination with security protocols, ensures that sensitive patient data is always protected.


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