DEMIS interface - not as expensive as a laboratory system after all?

Are you looking for a cost-efficient solution to submit your laboratory reports to the German Electronic Reporting and Information System for Infection Prevention (DEMIS)? We offer reliable and cost-efficient DEMIS interfaces for your laboratory. We ensure that your reports are transmitted quickly, accurately and on time. Our experienced experts support you in the implementation and maintenance of electronic reporting channels so that you can concentrate on your work in the laboratory. 

DEMIS interface

Our DEMIS interface provides a reliable and secure way for laboratories to successfully fulfill their reporting obligations to the RKI, public health departments and other authorities, while ensuring the integrity and protection of the transmitted data. Our FHIR interface supports the transmission of reporting data in real time and provides a reliable way to automate the reporting process.

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Advantages DEMIS interface

1. time savings: electronic transmission of reporting data to DEMIS enables laboratories to fulfill their reporting obligations more quickly and efficiently, as they no longer have to rely on manual reporting processes.

2. accuracy: the automatic transfer of reporting data from the laboratory information system (LIS) minimizes possible errors in the manual entry of reporting data.

3. security: the DEMIS interface supports secure authentication and authorization protocols to ensure that only authorized persons can access the reporting data and that the integrity of the transmitted data is maintained.

4. compliance with legal requirements: Using the DEMIS interface enables laboratories to successfully meet their regulatory reporting requirements and adhere to national and international standards for health data exchange.

5. data analysis: the RKI receives reporting data more quickly and completely through electronic reporting channels, which facilitates the analysis of reporting data and the development of measures to contain infectious diseases.

6. flexibility: The DEMIS interface allows laboratories to transmit reporting data at any time and from any location, which increases flexibility and simplifies the reporting process.

7. cost efficiency: by automating the reporting process and avoiding manual entry errors, laboratories save time and money and can focus their resources on other important tasks.

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Cost DEMIS interface

Costs can vary and depend on various factors, such as the size and scope of the laboratory, the scope of the desired functionalities, the type of interface (e.g., manual or automated transfer), the type of integration solution (e.g., individual development or adaptation of an existing solution), and the effort required to implement and maintain the interface.

Experience has shown that installation, implementation, and maintenance should be at about the same price level as common HealthIT interfaces, although some providers like to charge much higher prices, especially against the background of mandatory implementation.

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HL7 / FHIR - Solid, technical basis

Infographic DEMIS interfaces

DEMIS - communication channels from reporting entities via DEMIS to the Public Health Service.

Our DEMIS interface is based on the HL7 / FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) standard. FHIR is an international standard for the exchange of electronic healthcare data and enables the transmission of reporting data in real time. The interface supports transmission from the Laboratory Information System (LIS) to DEMIS. The transmission is in XML format through the use of RESTful web services based on the HTTPS protocol. The reporting data is encoded into FHIR resources that conform to the FHIR profile for the particular reporting data. The FHIR profile defines what information must be transmitted. The interface also supports authentication and authorization of reporting and query requests by using secure authentication and authorization protocols to ensure that only authorized persons can access the reporting data.

What is DEMIS?

The German Electronic Reporting and Information System for Infection Prevention (DEMIS) is an information system developed and operated by the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) that standardizes electronic reporting channels for infection prevention-related reports and data. DEMIS is intended to enable public health departments in Germany to record, transmit and evaluate notifications and data more quickly and efficiently. DEMIS interfaces with several systems such as laboratory information systems, electronic patient records and other public health systems.

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