ZUGFeRD - digital invoicing Discover the benefits of digital invoicing with our ZUGFeRD-compatible medical billing software [i/med] Billing. Our solution has been specifically designed to enable end-to-end digital medical billing and meets the requirements of the EU Directive 2014/55/EU on electronic invoicing by fully integrating the ZUGFeRD standard in version 2.1. With our digital billing system, you can ... Read more

Corona vs. competitive sports

What impact do the measures around COVID have on competitive sport? What is the connection between sporting activity and a supposed course of the disease?

Statement on the log4j security vulnerability

Statement of the company DORNER regarding the log4j security vulnerability of December 2021 (CVE-2021-44228) The company DORNER does not use the affected log4j framework in any of its products. Therefore, our products are not affected by this vulnerability. Regardless of this, however, we recommend our customers to check whether log4j is used on their systems and to take the appropriate measures if necessary.

Usability vs. medical devices

Dr. Michaela Kauer-Franz studied psychology and received her doctorate on the acceptance of technical products. Together with her husband, she is managing director of the award-winning Custom Medical. She is also an expert in usability - including for medical products. In this video she tells us what medical products have to do with usability and what usability is good for.

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The COVID-19 virus is still on our minds. Both as humanity and as DORNER Health IT Solutions.

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